Art by Richard Canary
One-of-a-kind Hand Made
Signed, original wall decor sculptures, executed in contemporary grace and primitive power.
Striking use of leather, metal, wood, glass and space.
Deep, sensual blends of lustrous shades and textures.
Inspired by the environment.
Designed of Nature.
-Since 1963-

Left: The Rose

All the flower petals are
hand-made of cowhide
leather and colored with
acrylic paints. The brass
highlights are
hammered and
24” high x 48” wide.
The leather petals of this
sculpture are tanned for
use as soles of boots and
are over 1/4" thick.
$349 plus insurance &

Above: Bowsprit

The deep, vibrant colors of
this fire-burnt piece of hand-
hammered recycled roof
copper is preserved with a
polyurethane finish.
29” high x 13.5" wide x 6”
$250 plus insurance & shipping

Left: American Egret at Sundown

18” high x 12” wide freeform.
All birds, leaves, disc and
manatees are cut from cowhide
leather and colored with acrylic
paints and gold foil.
$110 plus insurance &

Right: Little Green Mirror

Teal green leathers
wrap the legs of the
frame. 17” high x 13”
wide x 2” deep.
Five bands
of copper over leather,
plated with 24-Kt. gold,
embellish it.
$189 plus insurance &

Above: Great Blue Heron at Sundown

This Leather & Southern Yellow Pine
wall hanging is 16” high x 10” wide x
2.5” deep.
All birds, leaves, sun disc
and manatees are cut from cowhide
leather and colored with acrylic paints.
$79 plus insurance & shipping.

Right: Embracing

Hand-formed teal green
and peach leathers
intertwine and seem to
grow upward over a solid
slab ofteakwood.

35” high x12” wide x 4”
The wood is nude and
wire-brushed to expose the
grain, and is over one inch
$375 plus insurance & shipping.

Left: Bright Horizon Sun

All birds are cut from
cowhide leather and
colored with acrylic paints.
13” high x 12” wide.
The sun disc is cowhide tooling
leather with acrylics and faux gold
streaks. The five leaves are hand-
made of copper and plated with
24-Kt. gold. The green stalks are
vines painted with acrylics.
$289 plus insurance & shipping.

Made in the U.S.A.
Copyright 2011 by Richard Canary, 1795 McCauley Road, Clearwater, FL  33765
Contact:   (727) 669-5924 
Member:  Gulf Coast Artists’ Alliance, Inc